Once you start paying deposits you have a potential loss and you should therefore consider insuring the wedding and associated costs. Any situations which arise between your first payments and the purchase of the insurance would not be covered. ​

Provided that a loss is not already known, then pre-paid deposits will be covered once the policy is incepted.

Cover can be taken out at any time up to 2 years prior to the actual wedding day.

That is no problem – our cover is flexible and can be extended for a small additional premium to cover a number of days.

The policy covers the actual wedding itself and not any one individual, so the Insured can be the bride and groom, a parent or anyone with a financial interest in the wedding.

There is no policy excess applicable except for the Public Liability, Wedding Equipment cover and Ceremonial Sword cover sections.

Generally, this will depend on the nature of the claim. Some claims can be settled immediately, whereas others will need additional information or even investigating. However, we always try and deal with claims as quickly as possible.

This is one of the only Wedding insurance policies on the market that covers accidental damage caused by the guests whilst at the wedding.

No the policy covers the wedding ceremony and reception but for the honeymoon you would need a travel insurance policy.

Yes, we are able to cover non-UK weddings; although depending on where you are getting married, there may be some covers which we unfortunately can’t offer.

The only sections of cover that carry a policy excess are Public Liability, Wedding Equipment and Ceremonial Swords (the latter two are optional covers if you need them), and this is £250. If you need to make a claim under any other sections of cover, for example Cancellation, there is no policy excess to pay.

If an unfortunate situation arises whereby your wedding needs to be cancelled, it is important that you notify your insurance company and suppliers as soon as possible. Once your insurance company has been notified, you will be asked to complete a claims form and potentially supply copies of relevant paperwork and receipts.

Please note that with most suppliers, they build in cancellation clauses and timeframes which determines how much of the balance would still need to be paid, so it is imperative that you inform all suppliers as soon as possible that the wedding has to be cancelled.

If the bride or groom have no way of getting to their own wedding, you would be able to submit a claim under the Cancellation section of your policy, and this would also apply to other key people and suppliers – for example, the registrar. Similarly, if the venue is snowed in and has become inaccessible, this is something that would be covered under your policy. Please note that most insurance policies do not cover for lack of attendance so if the bride and groom could reach the venue but some guests could not, a policy may not pay out

Before any insurance company could pay out a claim in these circumstances, they would also check to see if you have considered the following:

  • Are there any other methods of transport available to your wedding? Think about trains, taxi’s etc.…depending on how far you must travel. Leaving plenty of time is also important. Please be aware that if there are alternative transport methods available but you choose not to use them, many insurance companies would not be able to approve the claim
  • The last thing to note is where you are traveling from. For UK weddings, we don’t cover failed transport from outside the UK. For example, if you, friends or family are flying in from the anywhere and their flights are grounded because of bad weather, then that is not covered either.

Death, illness, or injury is a horrible thing to deal with, let alone when you are due to be married or planning your day.

Most insurance policies will cover this as long as the cause of the death, illness or accident wasn’t from anything pre-existing or from reckless behaviour (for example, putting yourself in harm’s way).

Illnesses and accidents must also be severe enough to warrant the cancellation; cancelling your wedding because someone is feeling under the weather is not something that would be covered.

Unfortunately, this is not something which we, or most wedding insurers cover. ‘Cold Feet’ referred to under our policy as “Disinclination to Marry” is something which is within the control of the bride and/or groom and therefore not insurable.

Cancellation and rearrangement cover is in place for things which are beyond the control of the bride(s) and/or the groom(s), even if the insurance has been taken out by a parent or close relative.

If a supplier goes bankrupt, then you are likely to have cover either under your insurance policy, or potentially under a credit card.

Any deposits or services paid for on a credit card are often covered by the card company. If you didn’t use a credit card, speak to your insurance company and they can investigate.

Yes, as long as any monies or vouchers can be proven with things like receipts and/or bank statements from the people who gave cash or vouchers.